Robb Clarke - Fredericton Web Developer


Robb Clarke is Front-End Web Developer & Author based in Fredericton.

You can see bits and pieces of his life on Instagram. If you're looking for something to read, you can buy one of his novels on Amazon or read shorter bits on Medium. His full resume is on LinkedIn if you're interested in his work history.


Robb is the Lead Developer at OrangeSprocket where he builds kick-ass websites and web applications. As well, he's a Founder and Front-End Developer at the start-up The Lotto Factory.

He's also a husband and father who enjoys cycling/running, landscaping, and writing when he's not making the web a better place.

Earlier in his career, Robb spent a year and a half as a college instructor; warping fragile new minds and teaching the ins and outs of web development. Robb has been published nationally in CA Magazine in Canada; referencing his work for an article titled 'Social Equity,' on top of being published in various local publications.


Robb has had the pleasure working on projects both big and small; from multi-billion dollar companies to local 'mom and pop' shops.

When developing websites, Robb focuses on user experience, usability, search engine optimization (SEO), and responsive web design and development. This ensures that the websites he builds are as visible, findable, and usable by as many users as possible, because what's the point in paying for a site if no one can find or use it, right?

Here are some things that he can help you with:

  • web design
  • web development
  • SEO
  • user experience
  • copywriting
  • email newsletters
  • site maintenance

Want to see some projects that he has done?


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