Robb Clarke

Ringette New Brunswick

Ringette New Brunswick

RNB is the governing body for ringette in New Brunswick.

In the spring of 2021 I was approached by Ringette New Brunswick to create a new logo for the organization. That relationship evolved into the design of a new set of jerseys for the New Brunswick provincial ringette teams as well. Jersey design has been a passion of mine for quite some time and I was honoured to be asked to develop a new identity for the provincial high performance program.

The 'Ship to Shore' jersey design was a huge departure from RNB's traditional jersey designs. The jerseys feature the ship from the RNB logo prominently across the torso with RNB's bilingual logo as a shoulder patch on both shoulders. The home (white) jersey features RNB's colours on the sleeves with a maroon ship while the away (black) jersey strips out colour all but completely in favour of an intimidating monochrome design.

Scope of Work

Logo Design

Jersey Design

Robb has been instrumental in guiding Ringette New Brunswick's design process for the new logo for our organization, and a new jerseys for our provincial teams. Working with him was very easy as it was a streamlined process and he was able to adapt and change the logo per request very quickly!

Matthias Pizzera, Executive Director